Dear visitors of the CultTour website,

The CultTour website is a unique online calendar and register of cultural events on the territory of Novi Sad. It is free and is intended for all users that are interested in simple and easy browsing through events,which is possible to do by event category, date and place.

Article 1


Commenting and access to the site in order to publish events is possible only after a successful login via email address or social networks’ profile.

Anonymous users are not allowed to comment the content in order to protect interests of organisers of cultural events and users of the site.


Article 2
It is strictly forbidden to offend other visitors and users of the portal on any basis, including religious, national, racial and political. It is forbidden to spread hate, intolerance and discrimination.

Visitors are obliged to refrain from insulting, discussions and communication that would endanger integrity of other visitors.

Article 3
Opinions and attitudes expressed in comments of users and visitors of the CultTour website do not, in any case, express the attitudes of website’s administration, nor are they in any sense conditioned or related to institutions that participate in its realisation.

Opinions and attitudes expressed in user comments are the sole responsibility of persons who are signed next to them.

Administration of the website will seek to prevent publishing of offensive comments and comments that violate interests of other users, institutions and individuals.

In case these comments are published, administrators will delete them without delay.
Article 4
We encourage users to have discussions based on arguments and to respect other people’s opinions.

All users havethe right to freely express their opinions and attitudes provided they respect terms and conditions of the website and if they do not violate interests of others that are protected by law.

Article 5
It is forbidden to use curse words and other inappropriate words in comments.

It is forbidden to use usernames that contain inappropriate and curse words or usernames that are unacceptable according to common belief.

It is forbidden to use pictures, symbols and signs that are per se offensive or offensive in context of the comment that is being published.

It is forbidden to post links to Warez and Torrent sites in the comments. Any content that has potentially pirated origin will be removed from the site.
Article 6
Administration of the website encourages users to send their questions, objections, praises and suggestions directly to

Administrators will try to answer these emails in the shortest possible time and in accordance with technical capacities.
Article 7
It is forbidden to publish personal data.

It is forbidden to have personal communication and private discussions between two visitors in places that are not indented for this.

It is forbidden to state names of organisers, users or administrators of the website.

Comments that contain above mentioned information, in case they are published, will be deleted without delay.
Article 8
It is forbidden to post comments that constitute unauthorised advertising in any section of the portal.

Using portal in commercial purposes is possible only in agreement with the administrators of the website. If you want do advertise content that is not directly related to the content of the website, send you request directly to

If you want to publish a programme or an event on the portal, it is necessary to fill in the form on home page, by clicking Add, or by sending an email to:


Article 9
Comments that constitute blatant violation of rights to privacy and opinions of users, organisers and administration of the website will not be published. In case they are, they will be deleted without delay.
Article 10
This Rulebook has been adopted in order to protect interests and rights of event organisers, users and visitors of the website.

All users are obliged to adhere to it.

Anyone who decides to comment or update the content is considered to have read and accepted terms and conditions from this Rulebook.

The Rulebook will be interpreted in the best interest of its users.