CultTour is a unique web portal of cultural events in Novi Sad. The idea is to cover everything that is happening on the cultural scene of Novi Sad in a modern way, through a web site (and android application that will soon follow), and in one place. In this way you can inform about events that you are interested in, in a fast and easy way.

Apart from being open and user friendly, the portal is also a free service for all public and private cultural institutions and organisations. They can use it to announce their programmes (exhibitions, theatre performances, concerts, forums, conferences and other cultural events).

As visitors of the portal you can:

– browse through events taking place in following months,

– browse through events by location,

– find events on the map,

– browse through events by category,

– add a cultural event happening in the city by filling in the form on the website*.

*Data will be processed by administrators, and after they have checked the information they will publish the event if everything is in order.

Start exploring the portal. Let your cultural tour begin!