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Marijuana Tea Benefits

Here’s a map showing which states have what kinds of laws, with details available for each state. At WesTex Urgent Care, we are proud to provide our patients with MED 7 clinical strength, non-THC hemp CBD oil. This CDB oil has 85% bio-absorbability and is the fastest acting clinical grade oil on the market with peak effect occurring in 15 minutes. We suggest this for our patients to help with both acute and chronic symptoms.

MED 7 uses Purzorb® which increases bioavailability at a quicker rate than traditional CBD oils. Wow, I didn’t think that medical cannabis can be used for epilepsy. I think my father will qualify so I might tell him to get a card from a medical marijuana doctor. This way, he can speak with the doctor about any standardized dosing that is recommended for his condition.

Clinically, we place cups over the chest and upper back to stimulate the immune system, help the lungs to clear out phlegm + fluids, and relieve tight + achy muscles. 8) DIET cut out inflammatory foods -gluten, dairy, sugar, fried foods, alcohol and your personal food sensitivities- when you feel the fist symptoms of a cold coming on. These foods feed viruses and bad bacteria, compromise our gut flora, weaken immunity and are mucus-forming.

If these areas of your body are subject to the stagnating effect of chronic tightness, you may find yourself vulnerable to the onset of a cold or flu. Ever notice how right before you go under the weather your neck and shoulders ache like crazy? Western medicine views acupuncture as a form of therapy that releases hormones into the bloodstream, sending signals to the nervous system. Hormones, such as dopamine and serotonin, have a positive effect on the body by reducing pain, balancing emotions, strengthening the immune system and regulating organ systems.

None of these studies examined the combination of CBD oil and diet, although the potential anti-inflammatory effects definitely seem to complement a Paleo-style approach to health. A couple of studies have examined CBD oil for pain in humans, particularly chronic pain. For example, This review of reviews concluded that some reviews found evidence of benefits for multiple sclerosis pain and spasticity. In the US, CBD isn’t considered a dietary supplement and it isn’t regulated like normal supplements. The legal status of CBD depends on whether your particular state has legalized recreational and/or medical marijuana use, and possibly on whether the CBD in question is extracted from marijuana or industrial hemp.

It’s good to know that CBD oil has been found to help with certain seizure disorders. My cousin has seizures, and we are willing to try anything that might help. We’ll be looking further into the benefits of dispensaries and their products.

  • CBD Edibles – Gummies and hard candies work great with the flu.
  • This will make me suspect the duration may be reduced by that CBD of this flu.
  • As they break down, they can help ease coughs or sore throats by providing lubrication, and they deliver a pre-measured dose of CBD goodness.
  • CBD Vaping – One of the most popular ways to use CBD for the stomach flu, vaping lets you get your CBD when you just can’t keep anything down.

4) EXERCISE it’s no secret that regular exercise CBD oil will help keep your body healthy, including your immunity. If you usually exercise, then you should definitely exercise when starting to get sick. Break a sweat and get the blood flowing, but don’t push yourself too hard if you’re feeling especially run down. 3) GUT HEALTH it’s said that up to 80% of our immune system is rooted in our gut flora. Improve your gut health by taking probiotic supplements, eating fermented food , eating prebiotic fiber to support probiotics .