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But I would be concerned about contracting it and then passing it to an elder person or to a person who lives with elder parents. I am wearing a mask while in public and doing my best to social distance. Another option asks questions about how you feel currently. You can fill this out daily to track your health and energy.

After downloading and the app, click on HES Code on the main screen. Choose the Add New Code button at the bottom of the screen and select the period of validity. Due to the data protection measures, we are not allowed to create and/or enter the HES code on behalf of our passengers. It is not mandatory at the moment for the domestic flights with connecting international flights.

Entry Rules To Turkey In Response To Coronavirus

For the HES code inquiry, the passenger ID number (TCKN, Passport etc.), contact information (both phone and e-mail fields) and date of birth will be entered correctly and completely as required fields. Generated HES code are send to related company, institution and individual and therefore, it will be possible to check if the related person has disease risk with this code. Hi, thank you for your help, I heard recently the rule was changed to include everyone, not just Turkish citizens.

  • Each person that installs it gets a personal code (sent to their SMS/text) implemented by the “Turkey Ministry of Health” to prevent the further spread of Covid.
  • Remember, those between the ages of 0-18 can only travel with their parents.
  • You can carry the code in your HES cell phone app or keep it with you and provide it when asked.
  • If during your stay you have shown symptoms of Covid19, you should go to the nearest local hospital and get yourself checked.
  • For Turkish Nationals with a Chip-ID Card on domestic flights, just scan your ID card for contactless boarding all the way.

For more information, check the Turkish Ministry of Interior’s circular with your travel agency/tour operator. Dining establishments within the airport are open but limited to travelers only. Foreigners in the country temporarily for tourism are exempt from curfews and travel permit requirements. Individuals with hotel reservations can travel in their private vehicles without obtaining any additional permission, provided they carry with them their accommodation/travel reservation document.

How To Obtain A Hes Code?

This code serves only to reduce the risk of contamination that you will encounter during the time you spend in intercity public transportation vehicles. The risk status of all passengers on the flight will be inquired through the HEPP code 24 hours before the domestic flight. ” Minister Koca said, “Individuals will be able to show that they refer to this page do not have risks, are not sick or in contact, through this Hayat Eve Sığar application. We are going to practice first in intercity transportation. You will be able to travel by plane and train using the code you will receive through the mobile application.