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Today, Iranian women are on the forefront of the resistance to the theocratic dictatorship. Indeed, the main democratic opposition movement is led by a girl, Maryam Rajavi. Brave women are actually routinely becoming a member of their brothers to demand regime change and an end to the misogyny and repression, which has terrorized not solely the Iranian folks for the previous 4 decades, but an unlimited part of the Middle East as nicely. But younger Iranian women have gotten increasingly engaged within the rising opposition to the mullahs’ corrupt regime. Hundreds had been killed and 1000’s have been arrested by the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, the regime’s Gestapo.

There are about forty million women in the Islamic Republic of Iran, over half underneath the age of 30. Women make up more than 50% of university students, but, because of discrimination and blatant sexism creating obstacles to employment, they account for less than 19% of Iran’s workforce.

At a time when women within the West have achieved political, economic, personal and social equality, Iranian women are among the most repressed in the world, dominated by a regime dominated by aged, bearded misogynists. In the theocratic fascist dictatorship, the Iranian penal code is designed to allow men to discipline women and women in the event that they fail to adapt to strict Islamic codes. Lack of reporting adequate information and lack of inclusion of gray literature in the analysis were two of the research limitations. Gray literature was not included within the meta-analysis as a result of there is no comprehensive or specific database for it.

International Solidarity

As post-Revolution generations of Iranians have learned, without protection and nurturing, rights perish. Though it may seem apparent to youthful generations, the ideas of “women’s rights as human rights” is simply 25 years old, and is still frighteningly tenuous in many contexts. These declarations offered women all over the world a framework for working towards gender justice and for holding their national governments accountable in the process. But although change continues to ripple, the complete achievement of the goals laid out 30 years ago are removed from realized. But that was through the 1990s, and nicely before Amnesty’s change in mandate.

This is as a result of one can oppose a legislation that forces women to cover their hair and proceed to consider that ladies should cover their hair based mostly on non secular texts. The ostensibly contradictory results appear to indicate that almost all Iranians oppose laws that pressure them to dress a certain way, but many women additionally consider within the spiritual obligation to cover their hair. Iran’s regime polices women’s our bodies and has been seen beating and harassing women who don’t dress “modestly” sufficient for the male-dominated theocratic patriarchy that runs the country.


The internet and social media, and even affordable worldwide telephone connections and fax machines, weren’t but a actuality. This March eight, as we bear in mind the struggles that have introduced us closer in the direction of gender equality, we additionally must consider the social and legal inequalities women continue to face worldwide. While women’s quests for gender equality, dignity and justice are arguably universal, methods and solutions vary extensively beneath a vast range of social, cultural and political circumstances and constraints. Not recognizing this multiplicity has undermined feminist solidarity and has prevented a diversity of strategic options.

These research weren’t chosen primarily based on the inhabitants of provinces and cities, and inhabitants was not thought of in combining the outcomes of different studies. The weight assigned to every study within the random effects model was solely based on sample measurement and standard deviation of the prevalence of undesirable pregnancy. Therefore, caution should be taken in generalizing the outcomes to the entire country.

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Drug use has risen in Iran, with up to three% of the country addicted and some two tons of narcotics consumed every day, evidence of despondency among the many inhabitants. THE SOCIAL affairs organization head admitted that absolutely 22% of Iranians don’t consider women should wear head coverings in public in the event that they don’t need to. The disputed statistics seem to indicate the regime is afraid that regardless of four decades of brainwashing and theocratic dictatorship policing how individuals dress, a whole technology has grown up in Iran who believe women ought to have a right to decide on. “It is inaccurate and inconsistent with the outcomes of national surveys in this field,” he stated. However his knowledge did not truly contradict the findings of the consultants.

Another limitation was the considerable difference between Iran’s provinces in the number of research conducted; in some provinces, no research had ever been performed on this concern, while other provinces had several studies on this topic. Another limitation was that the stratified sampling was not used in the main selection of research.

The vociferous opposition took the brand new leaders by surprise they usually briefly retreated. Over the following two years, nonetheless, the regime used the rhetoric of patriotism to progressively reimpose veiling, first for government employees, then for any woman accessing government workplaces and buildings, then for students. In the early days of the Islamic Republic of Iran , leaders determined that ladies would collectively symbolize the Islamicization of the nation to Iranians and the world.

The number of women making flags out of their headscarves in public areas is rising. Thousands of Iranian women took to the streets to protest towards the hijab law in Tehran within the spring of 1979. Iran lately murdered an harmless wrestler named Navid Afkari to indicate that it will not back down from international strain.

The subsequent morning, coincidentally the eighth of March — a day not normally marked or observed in Iran — 1000’s of ladies all across the nation poured into city streets to protest compulsory veiling. In 1979, I noticed how easily the limited reforms and modest gains that Iranian women had beforehand struggled for were annulled within two weeks of the top of the Revolution.

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One of the strengths of the research was that it was focused on a brand new topic. Therefore the examine outcomes might help the health authorities in Iran design healthcare applications and medical interventions geared toward addressing the issue of undesirable pregnancy among Iranian women.