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I didn’t feel I became abnormal or weird.

We felt like I experienced sufficient good, i suppose, part models into the news that i did not, you realize, i did not feel just like it had beenn’t something i really could show or it was an adverse thing.

The existence of positive GLB part models into the news normalized Megan’s lesbian identity and assisted her see her identity definitely instead of adversely.

In a wider sense, seeing other people’ acceptance of GLB individuals into the media made participants feel just like other people’ reception of these could be more tolerant than aggressive. For instance, Ted (24, White, homosexual) discussed just how Will and Grace made him believe that their homosexual identification was more socially acceptable.

I’d hardly ever really existed gay people then, and thus seeing like right individuals all over convinced that show had been funny was useful in terms of that way these weren’t freaked away because of it. And so I ended up being like, oh well, then that’s a good sign and that calms me a little if they can deal with a sitcom where people are unapologetically gay.


To conclude, Ted utilized other people’ responses to Will and Grace as a measure of the way they would respond to his very own sexuality. The acceptance and popularity regarding the show made him feel less threatened by the likelihood of hostility toward him based on their homosexuality.

These results on individuals’ good self-views can be analogous into the aftereffects of part models on people’ self-concepts present in other research ( Cheung & Yue, 2003; Ochman, 1996, Wohlford et al., 2004 ) and also as such give support for the chance that contact with positive GLB part models may improve the self-views of GLB people. This contention is sustained by the truth that participants into the present research stated that their GLB part models encouraged pride inside their identities and enabled them to see their identities more ina positive manner

Side effects regarding the not enough part models

Although participants talked about several benefits of experiencing part models into the news, the option of GLB role models within the news has historically been very limited (see Gross, 1994, 2001; Hart, 2000; Russo, 1987 ). Consequently, it is really not astonishing that respondents also talked about the way the lack of recognizable numbers in the media impacted them (n = 4). The sentiment that is prevailing these talks had been a feeling of being excluded from old-fashioned culture. As an example, both Rick (38, White, homosexual) and Megan recalled seeing depictions of old-fashioned families when you look at the media that failed to consist of GLB people. Rick stated, “from the being actually struck by that as like, i am maybe not contained in that, ” and Megan said that “I can observe that it type of had been challenging my entire life versus what conventional life was, you understand, there clearly was a significant difference from early. ” Media depictions such as these made both Rick and Megan feel excluded from conventional families on such basis as their GLB identities. These emotions are not unusual for GLB people, whom frequently create kinship systems of buddies, fans, kids, along with other nearest and dearest because of their appropriate and exclusion that is social alleged old-fashioned families (see Weeks, Heaphy, & Donovan, 2001, and Weston, 1991 ).

Individuals additionally talked about the harmful results of the absence that is general of people into the news. For instance, Rick talked about the possible lack of GLB themes in popular music:

After all, like, how numerous tracks do We hear in the radio which can be love songs that pair some guy and a guy or a woman and a lady, for example? It’s just, like, it is the lack that is so—that may be therefore harmful, i do believe.

Michelle unveiled feelings that are similar her ambivalence concerning women’s magazines: