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Is certainly one of them much smaller and lighter for people viewing on cell devices? Do you use media queries to decide which of these to show? Well, ApplicationCache hates you and your loved ones. This can catch people out whereas they’re experimenting if their servers don’t serve cache headers.

Definition Of Douchebag

heated affairs

Ways To Spot Douchebag

Gotcha #6 could simply be averted by offering different .manifest information for different platforms although. I am comparable in my method to growth in terms of attitude. We don’t need to take ourselves too critically and I discover those that do have a lot much less to contribute. Doing one thing comparable myself, the usage of FALLBACK was particularly informative. I agree with your article that bookmarking particular person content articles needs a solution and your strategy of using LocalStorage matches the bill.

The Douchebag Life

Might I advocate you evaluation what I wrote and the context during which the term was used, significantly what I was referring to as being “anti-social”. I’m all for including jokes and humor to articles and presentations, they make the content material extra fascinating and memorable for viewers/listeners, and more pleasant for the author/presenter.

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This was some of the most comprehensive AppCache steering I’ve seen yet. On a ultimate observe I’d like to say that you simply taking offense to an an inoffensive word has nothing to do with Jake’s professionalism. Now you could not suppose this is proper but what it does inform you is that the word you have taken offence to is now broadly deemed inoffensive enough to broadcast during primetime. Know what would have made this text better? Apparently I’ve used the time period “anti-social” in a manner that conflicts with your individual private definition.

  • Search the web and also you’ll see for your self – everybody’s a douchebag.
  • Amy Bucher shares insights into using personalization to create meaningful consumer experiences.
  • A fast sweep through Google News tells me that this week Shia LaBeouf is a douchebag.
  • The unfortunate ex-boyfriend of a woman paid to write down about prehistoric placoderm reproduction is an entire douchebag.
  • Sleepy Hollow’s Horseman of Death is a douchebag.
  • So are Ben Affleck, Justin Bieber and John Grisham.

This article actually depicts the nature of utility cache… Its a “complete douche-bag”. The title was why I clicked on this text. Opinions in programming are how us mere mortals determine all this stuff out. Sorry for the rant, however sometimes people just frustrate me sufficient to motivate it.

In 1980, Saturday Night Live broadcast a sketch called Lord and Lady Douchebag. Then within the late 1980s, Anthrax launched a song known as Starting Up A Posse, the second verse of which repeated the phrase “You’re a douche” eight occasions in a row. Why has the term douchebag become so prevalent?

More importantly, though, her solely go-to move as a chat present host is to chime in on different folks’s scandals and pain, providing up any opinion that can get her noticed. It’s a word used typically in this country, but it’s a word that is nearly only utilized to males for some reason. Again, completely cool to be any of these things. But you need to really, you realize, BE these issues, which isn’t the same as putting a bullhorn to your mouth so you’ll be able to announce to the world how much you care.

If you get it incorrect, the douchebaggery oozes via onto the end user. By reading through my very own painful experiences with AppCache, you’ll know what to expect from AppCache and how to deal with it. A feminine with the personality traits of a douchbag; they’re satisfied that they’re the leaders of the uber-hip and extremely-cool, when in reality they are obnoxious, boorish and barely tolerated. Thinking they display edgy fashion sense, they’re more more likely to seem like a reject from Jersey Shore. Send this douchebag back to highschool to be taught some social skills and free yourself of his holier-than-thou angle.

I all the time thought Douchebag refereed to a man. If an internal hyperlink led you right here, you could wish to change the hyperlink heated affairs review to level directly to the meant article. This disambiguation web page lists articles associated with the title Douchebag.


Just read this and should admit that I did not know of lots of the caveats. Not solely was this article very useful in educating me, but it did so in an entertaining method. I read sufficient dry material each day. I admit that I was led astray by the title. Instead, I found the most effective article on the AppCache I actually have read.