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45 , migranal , ergotamine tartrate cafergot , ergomar , ergostat , medihaler , migergot , wigraine , wigrettes , methylergonovine methergine , lovastatin or a product that contains lovastatin altoprev , advicor , mevacor , lurasidone latuda , oral midazolam versed , phenobarbital luminal , phenytoin dilantin , dilantin-125 , phenytek , pimozide orap , ranolazine ranexa , rifampin rifadin , rifater , rifamate , rimactane , sildenafil revatio when used for pulmonary arterial hypertension pah , simvastatin or a product that contains simvastatin simcor , vytorin , zocor , st.

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ergotamine combinations bellergal-s also contains phenobarbital, belladonna alkaloids , cafergot also contains caffeine .

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each bottle vial of cafergot comp caffeine citrate contains a total of 60 mg of cafergot comp caffeine citrate in 3 ml 20 mg ml .

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the authors used three separate decision models to compare rizatriptan versus cafergot, sumatriptan versus cafergot, and rizatriptan versus sumatriptan.

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tell your doctor if you are taking alprazolam niravam, xanax ;eplerenone inspra ; ergot alkaloids such as ergotamine ergomar, in cafergot, in migergot , dihydroergotamine d.


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